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Cellular Boosters Without External Antenna

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I am aware that having an external antenna is better, but with our Tiffin, it just doesn't work out. The issue is not with the antenna itself but with the coax which needs to be run inside. I am just not happy with the choices of entry location.

So, I am looking for a mobile hotspot that has connections for an antenna that could be suction cupped to a window.

Are there any choices that will make enough difference to be worthwhile?

I believe you could use any antenna you wanted on any of them so long as the antenna coupler matches and the ohm rating was the same as the outdoor antenna

Sorry, but please re-read. There is no outdoor antenna, so your reply doesn't make sense to me.

PJ Stough:
Here is what we have.



PJ, the antenna you have is exactly the one I zeroed in on but instead of the device you use I would use one by ZTE for Consumer Cellular.

That being said, does it work well enough to make it worthwhile?


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