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I want to install a CB radio in my truck. I am looking at this radio and antenna. I don't know much about CBs. Wanted to get opinions on the CB and if this would be a good antenna for it.  I don't want to permanently mount the antenna. The CB would primarily be used to communicate with others when caravaning.

CB: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004VXNI/?coliid=I3KPVDQP983SZL&colid=1KRBI4JCR2OZR&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

Antenna: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y8PNX7K/?coliid=I3SIIAP0YU2WV8&colid=1KRBI4JCR2OZR&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

Another question, my truck has the four auxiliary switches on the dash. I am going to try to do the install myself and was thinking I could connect to one of those switches for power. Would that work? I went to Best Buy and they quoted $150 to $300 to install!! I have installed radios in the past so have some experience, although those all had plug in wiring harness. If I can use the AUX switch then that would simplify the install I think, as I wouldn't have to tap into the power. In reading the comments on Amazon, another option would be to use a 12v plug.


Given your expectations this all seems pretty reasonable.  CB's don't have a large current demand so even a cigarette lighter plug is up to the task.  The only caveat to doing that is sometimes you end up with some noise or alternator whine when using cabin power sources but you can cross that bridge if/when you get to it.   Compared to what you usually hear on CB you might find the alternator whine more worthwhile.

Mark B,
Albuquerque, NM

 Installation of the CB is fairly easy. Find a place where you want to hang the brackets from, connect a power run the antenna coax, Install the antenna in a good location and you are all set.

 The auxiliary power switches will work as a power source. Even though I have them on my truck as well, I can’t remember if they are key switched to be on only when your ignition is on so that is something to check and decide how you want that to run.

 The antenna also requires some decisions.

Placing the antenna on a flat metal surface provides a ground plane for the signal that is sent.

You can achieve  A stronger  signal in certain directions by where you place the antenna on the surface.

The signal will be slightly stronger in the direction where there is a greater surface area.

 The antenna you have chosen says “does not require tuning“.

What they are referring to buy that statement is adjusting the “standing wave ratio“  or SWR.

Many antennas require this adjustment using a special meter so that the signal will be most efficient

 The antennas that require adjustment  can produce a reflected signal back to the radio through the coax from the antenna that will, if seriously out of adjustment, damaged radio after a time. 

It would be my preference do you have that setting checked when the opportunity presents itself. 

As mentioned above they are easy to install, just power and antenna leads, nothing else is mandatory since they have a built in speaker.  The hardest part will be running the antenna leads, note conventional CB antennas like the magnetic mount one in your photo perform best when placed in the center of the metal vehicle roof as they need a flat metal ground plane for a couple of feet in all directions around them to perform optimally.

I think your plan will work fine for caravaning and keeping in touch with others closeby. 

Add this, order the three and be done


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