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Towing a car behind a Minnie Winnie

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I'm after anyone's thoughts and advice about towing a small car behind a Minnie Winnie (22ft E350 Ford). What size car is possible and any tips and tricks?

The towing capacity for a 22ft 2018 model is listed online as 7,500 lb. Assuming yours is the same ... If you use a dolly,  that weight would include both the weight of the car and the dolly, limiting your choices a bit. If you flat tow,  it appears you could tow almost any car or suv you want to ... assuming it is flat towable.  Of course,  the lighter the better for acceleration & fuel mileage purposes. 

Appreciate that. Mine is a 2004....is there a link you have there. I think I have this which mentions 5000. https://winnebagoind.com/resources/manuals/pdfs/Operator2007/07ChaletC.pdf

5k is what I would have expected.  Info above came from https://www.rvusa.com/rv-guide/2018-winnebago-minnie-winnie-class-c-floorplan-22r-tr34175

Arch Hoagland:

Remco will tell what cars are towable 4 down.


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