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Vectra 04:
John  my monitor does not show picture but I do have sound . How do you test the monitor. I

John Canfield:
Is the screen completely dark like it has no power? Can you see any raster when you turn up the brightness? My original cam is still good but I replaced the monitor with a Voyager from RVCams.com as the Sony is no longer available.

Vectra 04:
Monitor is white on one side and black on other half , have sound and contrast.

Vectra 04:
Going to try the salvage yard in Missouri

Have you tried popping the dash cover off and checking for loose cable(s)?  Been a while since I've been in there, but as I recall there is a box that combines the backup camera feed with the TripTek info which then goes to the display.  Lots of cables that could come loose.

Also, there are 3 inputs on the monitor but only one is used, so you could try moving the cable to another port and see if anything changes.

Just hate to see you spend for another monitor if it's just a loose connection.


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