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Winnie aspect leaky water heater

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I probably didn't get all the water out of it last fall or maybe I'm just real unlucky.

Anyway how much work is it to replace a water heater.  Looks like the kitchen would have to be torn apart to get to it.

thx to anyone with advice or even better links.

mark in MN

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ok.  I found a youtube video of changing out an RV water heater.  Actually looks straight forward; maybe a 2 hour job for someone that knows what they're doing (so it'll take me all day)

am I missing anything?

mark in MN

John Canfield:
I don't recall anybody here describing a water heater replacement, please take a bunch of pictures and let us know how that goes.

Will do - if I do it myself.  I did find an excellent you tube video that went thru the whole process.  "How to replace RV hot water tank"

not sure if this link works :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb_voZ70ahA

I might have it done professionally as I leave on a trip in a week and will get a lot of grief if my wife has to make the trip with no hot water.

mark in MN

Gary RV_Wizard:
Getting access to the wiring and plumbing at the rear of the heater can be challenging.   Also disconnecting the LP gas line. If you have decent access, it's not a tough job. Yes, it will probably take you most of the day for your first attempt.


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