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Author Topic: Great new NFL Superfan feature!  (Read 1354 times)


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Great new NFL Superfan feature!
« on: September 16, 2007, 02:49:03 PM »
I just discovered that NFL Superfan on DirecTV has headed free PC video reception if you subscribe to the Superfan package.  We have subscribed to NFL Ticket and Superfan for several years and love it.  This new feature is fabulous.  With the Verizon Aircard I use either the low or the medium bandwidth setting depending on day to day traffic speed.

this allows me to access every NFL game (not sure about blackouts) wherever I have Internet access.  If my TV system goes down, I got the PC as backup.

If I am going to be somewhere else for the day, I can take my laptop with me and turn on wifi or plug into whatever is available, and dialup any game I like or watch the Red Zone.

And it is all part of the Superfan package.

Wendy... your new quarterback looks great!  I will be switching to him from time to time as I watch the Ravens later this afternoon.  I think Kyle Boller will start for us as McNair hurt his groin.  Boller has never lost a game when He has gone in to replace Mcnair as number backup.  Hope the trend continues.

Bernie, I am going to win that bet against you.  Your starting quarterback is going to be a star.

Right now watching the Red Zone on TV and watching the Titans catching up to the Colts on the PC!

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