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Author Topic: Installed 2nd Fantastic Vent in Van  (Read 2637 times)

Len and Jo

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Installed 2nd Fantastic Vent in Van
« on: September 16, 2007, 05:19:57 PM »
I replaced my 4000R Fantastic Vent with their new 6600R a few weeks ago.  The 4000R is a 3 speed in/out manual model.  The 6600R is variable speed, rain sensor, auto close/open, in/out, and cooks your dinner model.  After church today in cut a hole and installed the 4000R just aft of the front seats.  So we now have one powered vent in the rear bathroom area and a second near the front of the van.  I think we should be able to get a good breeze inside the van on hot summer days.  I did try it but the temp. outside is only 62F today and any breeze feels COLD.

The 2007 6600R does seem to quieter then the 2001 4000R at about the same fan speeds.  Not sure why.  I also took the opportunity to give the 4000R a good inside and outsided bath and inspection before reinstalling it.   Again the 4000R is over 6 years old but looks in excellent shape.  Could find no cracks or other indications of stress/age in any of it components.

We went over to Northfield Mn. for Jesse James Days last week and had several days to try out the new 6600R fan on the trip back and forth across the U.P.  ONE problem is that 2-3 times the fan got confused and went into a surge mode.  That is it would continually slow down and then speed up again until I would turn it off and on again.  Well have to contact Fantastic Vent about that.  I think another person posted the same problem on the forum.

For a small RV like a 'B' two vents might be fine instead of AC.  At least in the northeast or northwest. 
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