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Author Topic: What a day (Or Dometic Microwaves)  (Read 920 times)

John From Detroit

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What a day (Or Dometic Microwaves)
« on: December 06, 2007, 04:45:54 PM »
I hope Dometic has more than one model and supplier of Microwaves, The one in my coach was made by Lucky Goldstar, and though I've dealt with quite a bit of Goldstar junk in the past.. Enough that if I'd have known I'd have specified another product, This is no exception, here is a partial list

Computer monitor (Sold under Commodore label, made by Goldstar) Highest return for repair rate of anything we sold
Microwave in office, Goldstar, far as I know, made the only Microwave without a START button, so you put your bag of pop corn in, close the door, twist the knob, when it stops popping you take it out, close the door, and it sets the office afire.  Thankfully a quick acting coworker grabbed the extinguisher in time to prevent damage to the office beyond a bit of smoke.  It was during my off hours so I did not even get smoked... I did warm them though.
VCR in motor home... Zenith is now an LG brand, never worked right
Microwave in motor home, Turntable kept not turning... Well, the problem was two fold

One the shaft on the motor that turns it was a bit too short and #2 a hole down inside that WOULD have let the arms more fully engage the shaft was too small.

I drilled the hole out, made a couple other changes and damaged the motor... Went to Camping world, Dometic says said motor is "Not user replaceable" (OK, so the user is a certified electronics tech with microwave oven experience , not your average user) On to E-bay.  E-Bay found a motor that sure looked like it, but it was made by a different company (Still China) and it fits a GE microwave.. On to Serv-All appliance parts store.. They had one in stock, (Close to the counter too, must be popular) and a visual said. Same RPM, same Volatge, Same mounting holes, Same shaft placement, Slightly longer shaft (Recall the original was too short) slightly thinner body (ok not critical)  Took it home, bolted it in, hooked it up, turned it over and HEY, it WORKED YIPPIE.

Then I overloaded the house breaker (it's only 20 amp, and between the 9 amp heater and the 13 amp Mickey wave... Oh well)

Reset the breaker and now I've still no power to the microwave or any of the INVERTER loads (OUCH)  Two (Total 3) calls to Xantrex later..  First suggestion: Full reset (Remove all power 30 minutes, restore power turn off and on) same result
Second suggestion: Check for output from inverter at inverter junction box.. Opened inverter juntion box, found wire nut well burned.  Cut the wire back, dressed it, re-connected with new wire nut, all good now, 3rd call to tell them SOLVED.

What a day.  And a couple of job applications in between. Hoping to get one
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