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Author Topic: Ever wanted that application while away from home?  (Read 1398 times)


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Ever wanted that application while away from home?
« on: January 25, 2008, 02:40:50 AM »
PortableApps is a great project that lets you build a collection of utilities on a USB stick so you can have them with you while away from home. There is a growing range of great tools available and best of all, this is Open Source so they're all free.
The best thing is that once they are on your USB stick they stay there, there isn't any need to install them on your other computer, they run and stay within the stick.

Drop into http://portableapps.com/ and check out all the available titles, and new titles are being added all the time as the project builds.

Attached is a screen grab showing what I have put onto my stick, I have stretched the picture a bit to show you all the applications installed. As you will see, there is everything from notepads to games to media player to the latest versions Firefox and Opera and a full working copy of the OpenOffice Suite. There are other tools I didn't feel like using so you have a wide choice available.

To use, once installed, just plug your toolkit stick into the computer, the PortableApps menu will auto start showing you what is available. Click and run, it is that easy.

Oh, you can run other applications from within the stick too, just upload them into the Portable Apps folder so that the Menu can find their exe file and add it to the Menu displayed.

Only for Windows so far but they are apparently working on a similar toolkit for Linux apps.
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