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Author Topic: Back again....Still Shopping  (Read 2226 times)


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Back again....Still Shopping
« on: August 18, 2008, 10:32:27 PM »
As some of you may  remember I was on a while ago and we thought we were going to get the 30' Elandan.  Glad we didin't now and have been doing much shopping and research and have a few questions for the forum.
We are still looking at both Cs and As but there are now a few parameters (mostly from the management).  Full bath, rear bed, the shorter the better (no toad).  She prefers the Class A driving compartment but is flexible.  We've ruled out the Toyota chassis (most are rear bath) and are interested in things like shorter Flairs and Chieftains. 
Ok, now the questions:  In our search we have common "ailments" and I would like to know (in general) which are the "cheap" repairs and which are the stay-away-froms.  I'm a fair gearhead and carpenter, very good electrics, so so plumber. I'm not afraid of any of this but I don't want to leave her with a bad taste for RVing.   As an example, I'm looking at a 1987 Ford, Sportcraft, 26', 97k, 460, C6.  Doesn't look "abused, just "used". Nothing major jumps out but with that many miles on any vehicle something could crop up tomorrow.
SO I've ramble a bit but hope I got my message across....general guidance around a pitfall or two would be appreciated!
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Re: Back again....Still Shopping
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2008, 09:58:38 AM »
Hey Sarge, a few years back a friend of mine, who knew nothing about RVs, bought an older
Winnabago with high miles on a 454 Chevy.  He was taking his family to the Grand Canyon. 
They made it as far as Memphis, Tenn. when the engine went out.  That a long haul back
to North Carolina. 

I would say that it is according to how you are going to use it and if you are getting it
cheap enough that you can afford to replace the engine if necessary.  With a high mileage
gas engine if the maintenance records show that the fluids were changed per recommendations, it
will probably last for several thousand more miles.  But if you are going to be climbing mountains, operating
in extreme temperatures it might not.

You probably knew all this already.  Any way, good luck and thanks for your service to our country.
Have fun.

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Re: Back again....Still Shopping
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2008, 07:50:43 AM »
Hey Sarge,
  I just bought a 27' with the 454. It has 37k mileage on it. I have to admit I got a great deal on it. Bought it from an older woman whose husband had passed. It had a few minor problems with it, but nothing major. I would suggest looking on craigslist in the rv section. It is where i found mine. Not sure what state you are in, but I think you can find a better deal, and lower mileage. By the way, I got it for 4k, and I had won 3k at the poker tables just before I bought it. Best of luck with your search.


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Re: Back again....Still Shopping
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2008, 12:48:26 PM »
Sometimes high miles are better than low miles, because the unit has been "exercised" and hasn't spent a LOT of time sitting still - which tends to rot out rubber parts (tires, gaskets, belts, hoses, engine seals) and cause problems once they get moving again.  But of course it all depends on how well the RV was maintained, and what's happened with it the last few years.  High dollar replacement items are tires, A/C, generator, and fridge.  If any/all of those have been replaced or have no operational problems, then there are diamonds out there in the rough.  With older Class C's, water leakage around the over-cab bunk can be a problem so make sure you check under & around cabinets, mattresses, and curtains for any stains or signs of leakage.

Like many folks, I'd say go for the Class A over the Class C if you can find a good one.  You'll like the extra space and headroom.
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