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Author Topic: 1-800-466-4411 Free USA/Canada phone calls  (Read 1438 times)


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1-800-466-4411 Free USA/Canada phone calls
« on: November 26, 2008, 12:55:57 AM »
Morning Guys

I just received an email from Americas Mailbox (even though we are now in the UK we still get the emails and keep up with whats going on).

In the latest email, they refer to a FREE service, operated by a Google company, which will connect you with any local business telephone number FREE OF CHARGE (great from a payphone* or mobile) in the USA or Canada.

That number is   1-800-466-4411  . Simply tell the computer the name of the company you want along with the city and state and you'll be connected for free. It's a free service of a company that Google owns.

I couldnt find it on a search of the forum, and Im not sure if you're aware of it already, so thought it may still help one or two of you.

Google link HERE


*the email stated it works from a payphone, but the Google site states it doesn't
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