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Author Topic: Need Help Locating Vacuum Lines for AC Control on Voyage 32H  (Read 14 times)


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I have 2008 Voyage 32H on the Ford F53 Chassis.  I have issues with the AC control shifting from normal to Max.  I posted in the General Motor Home page but no one seems to know where I should look for the vacuum line or vacuum actuator.  So the problem is the AC will only work on Max at idle.  Any load to the engine and the airflow out of the vents stops.  If I go to Normal the airflow resumes.  Any help is appreciated.
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I don't have a lot of experience, but I haven't seen vacuum lines being used since the early-mid 90s. Everything that I have worked on from the late 90s on was all electronic, using dc motors to control the actuators. A lot of newer automobiles don't even use resistor banks for the blower speed anymore. They use a PWM driven with a transistor. Then again, this is not a car. It is a motorhome.

Having said that, Ford only sells the chassis, not the cab, so the dash may be made by Winnebago. Are you sure that this is a vacuum operated AC system? Can you confirm if it is vacuum operated and not electrical?
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