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John Canfield:
Please feel free to suggest additions and corrections to the list!


HWH System Diagrams for Winnebago, select the year of your coach, and then find the model to see Hydraulic and Electrical diagrams for the jacks/slides

Manuals and diagrams (1990 - and newer for plumbing/electrical)

List of what sealants to use

Operator manuals - 1988 and newer

Parts search (2001 and newer models only) by unit serial number

Buy parts online through Winnebago Outdoor or Amazon if you prefer  (note: it's a VERY limited selection of parts at this time)

Previous years model information (brochure archive)

Classic Winnebagos (not affiliated with Winnebago Industries)

Dealer locator

Supplier links

Service tips

FAQ, contact numbers

Junction City, OR Winnebago facility - 541-234-2167

Winnebago-Itasca Travelers Club (WIT)

Investor Relations

Information for visitors to the factory


Freightliner Chassis Owner's Club

Freightliner Custom Chassis - Motorhome

Workhorse Chassis Motorhome Club

Workhorse Custom Chassis documents (manuals, etc.)

Workhorse Chassis home page

Ford Fleet -  Motorhome Chassis

Freightliner Sprinter Chassis

View/Navion Sprinter Mercedes engine recall info

Workhorse Parts and info:

Rock Auto (parts catalog> Workhorse> model year)
Ultra RV Workhorse Products
Omey's Performance


Adding a transfer switch to units without one

Replacing the automatic transfer switch in a 2005 Vectra with an improved model (S body)

How to repair a delaminated sidewall

2016 Navion 24J black water hose storage compartment repair

Link to a post with a collection of basement air resources

Precision Circuits PCS manual

Parts source thread for A&E Oasis door awning (Dometic Oasis Elite model 974xxx)

Keyless entry thread

Replacing the SCS-Frigette Keyless Entry System (KES/RKE) with the inexpensive Universal Avital 3100LS (thanks to Ray, IN)

How to replace an entry door mechanism/latch (thanks to afchap)

Replacement Atwood window latches! Models B081-BK, B801-CK, DH287-CK, DH407-CK

Adding adjunct roof air in a 14x14 vent opening

How to repair a bedroom slide hydraulic leak

How to adjust the level sensors on automatic HWH levelling jack

No hot water? Read through this thread for troubleshooting tips

Refrigerant charge guide for various Class A motorhome chassis Dead link 5-14-2020

Thread about how to pull the dash on a 2003 Brave

Replacement motorhome door latches

Troubleshooting tips for the  Intellitec/PowerLine 620 energy management system dead link 5-14-2020

Trend/Viva Facebook discussion group

View/Navion discussion group on groups.io

Facebook group for all Winnebago Brave owners

Facebook group for Adventurer/Suncruiser

How to replace a Schumacher converter with a Progressive Dynamics model or a Best Power Max converter

Great thread about the Precision Circuits Power Control System on newer Winnebago Industries units

How to replace the air filter on a Journey

Procedure to find compartment leaks

EternaBond and Winnebago warranty considerations

Power Gear

Power Gear email address

An HVAC parts supplier (Heating, ventilation & AC)

Glass Repair:

RV Glass - 888-777-6778. They also have a facility in Phoenix

RV Fog Doctor - 501-278-3015. Searcy, AR


A common topic of discussion is how to interpret the model identification for a specific Winnebago Industries, Inc. motor home. The use of letters and numbers is not really a secret code; they have a specific meaning when identifying one of our vehicles. The following chart helps to explain model identifications for the last ten years of Winnebago Industries, Inc. products. For example, a WKR40TD is a 40-foot Winnebago Tour on a Freightliner chassis. For the most part, the characters used in the first four positions of our model identifications have stayed consistent. The fifth position may have one or two characters, and identifies the floor plan configuration. These model identifications reflect standard equipment, and options such as chassis selection may vary with an individual coach. Your model identification can be found on your coach's certification label as shown in the example below.

W = Winnebago
I = Itasca
U = Ultimate
R = Rialta

SECOND CHARACTER = Chassis Manufacturer:
C = Chevrolet
D = Dodge Sprinter
F = Ford
K = Freightliner
P = Workhorse
S = Spartan
V = Volkswagen

1 = 100 Series H-Body Eurovan Camper
2 = 200 Series C-Body Access/lmpulse/RialtalVista/Sunstar
3 = 300 Series C-Body Minnie/Outlook/Spirit
4 = 400 Series C-Body Minnie Winnie/Sundancer
5 = 500 Series C-Body View/Navion
7 = 700 Series C-Body Aspect/Cambria
D = D-Series Sightseer/Sunova
E = E-Series Vista/Sunstar
F = F-Series BravelVoyage/Sunrise
G = G-Series Adventurer/Suncruiser (prior to 2009)
J = J-Series Adventurer (2009)
K = K-Series Suncruiser (2009)
L = L-Series Chieftain/Sunflyer
M = M-Series Destination/Latitude
P = P-Series Journey/Meridian/Horizon
Q = Q-Series Ultimate Advantage/Ultimate Freedom R-Series Tour/Ellipse
S = S-Series Vectra/Horizon

FOURTH CHARACTER = Indicates the approximate length of the motor home


- Upper left - date vehicle was mfg by Winnebago Industries

- Top center - Chassis mfg and date chassis was mfg

- Bottom Left - s/n assigned by Winnebago
   The 6th character of the s/n indicates the model year
   5 = 1995   A = 2000   F = 2005
   6 = 1996   B = 2001   G = 2006
   7 = 1997   C = 2002   H = 2007
   8 = 1998   D = 2003   J = 2008
   9 = 1999   E = 2004   K = 2009

- Bottom Center - Winnebago product model name

- Bottom Right - VIN
   10th character of the VIN indicates model year of the chassis
   S = 1995   Y = 2000   5 = 2005
   T = 1996   1 = 2001   6 = 2006
   V = 1997   2 = 2002   7 = 2007
   W = 1998   3 = 2003   8 = 2008
   X = 1999   4 = 2004   9 = 2009

- Bottom Right - Interior base color

- Center - GVWR; GAWR for Frt & RR axles; Suitable tire size; Suitable rim size; Cold Inflation Pressure

Edit History

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Edit 4/19/2018: Added link to 2016 Navion sewer hose compartment repair
Edit 7/13/2018: Added link to a thread about repairing a delaminated sidewall
Edit 2/6/2019: Added a link to Hydraulic and Electrical diagrams for HWH jacks/slides (thanks to Chris Beierl!)
Edit 6/20/2019: Added a link to a post about replacing the automatic transfer switch in an '05 Vectra (thanks to DutchEagle)
Edit 7/8/2019: Added a link to replacing the older SCS-Frigette keyless system with the inexpensive Universal Avital 3100LS, thanks to user Ray, IN
Edit 12/23/2019: Added new link to View/Navion discussion group (groups.io)
Edit 2/08/2020: Added a link to John Hilly's thread about adding a transfer switch[/]
Edit 5/14/2020: Checked all links, revised some, some are dead as noted and I removed a couple

John, Just a thought, what about links to chassis sites?

John Canfield:

--- Quote from: rls on March 14, 2009, 08:52:24 AM ---John, Just a thought, what about links to chassis sites?

--- End quote ---

Bob - great idea!  I'll start putting that together.

Diagrams or layout for TV coax cable inside an RV, also possible diagram of the "studs" locations in the walls.  Location of
"studs" would aid when trying to hang an object on the wall, be it permanent or temporarily.

John Canfield:
Hi and welcome to the forum!

The wiring diagrams do have the coax runs (and speaker wiring, etc.) shown - extremely handy at times for those of us that like to tinker.

It has been a while since I have looked over the diagrams - I'm not sure if they show the wall framework or not.  If you happen to look at your unit when it is cold (and humid) outside and warm inside the unit, you can easily see the outline where the insulation is not as good, i.e., a structural member is present due to condensation on the outside wall.

I know many have called Winnebago owner relations with those kinds of questions and the techs do a very good job of coming up with good answers.


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