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Author Topic: Landing Gear Problems  (Read 3617 times)


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Landing Gear Problems
« on: March 07, 2009, 12:13:49 PM »
I am having problems with my landing gear.  I bought the unit used (2003) in 2006 and had them replace the gear motor.  Worked fine until we were very close to a tornado in Colorado City and had very high winds.  I swear it moved the unit but couldn't tell for sure.  Since then, I had problems with the LR slide (finally got it fixed) and the landing gear.

The gear worked OK but were vey slow, then last year I couldn't get them to extend fully...the motor sounds sounds normal in the beginning then it sounds like there is too much load on it and will "wind down" but before it cuts out completely the gear box begins to click.  I had to hand crank the last couple of inches to get it on the truck. 

Now it won't extend at all.  The motor starts out sounding normal and then after about 10 seconds sounds very strained like there is not enough electricity or too much load, then the gear box clicks. I bought a new battery and changed the battery cables because they had some corrosion on them and wires were exposed but didn't make a difference.  Now, in addition to the motor running low, clicking sounds, I hear a "rubbing sound" sounds like metal on rubber.  Sounds like the motor is gone but the rubbing sounds likes something is rubbing inside the leg "telescope"...bent leg?

Any suggestions on trouble shooting? 


Bill T
Bill T
Central PA
2003 Sierra Fifth Wheel
2004.5 2500 Dodge 4x4