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Author Topic: Insurances and the full timer....what do you have? and with whom?  (Read 2216 times)


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Wife and I are planning on beginning our full time travels in summer of 2010....Starting to work on the many details and have general questions that I hope some of you 'experienced' full timers can share your expertise and experience on===good and bad.
1) I have started getting quotes on full time rig insurance...our 5'er...Quotes seem to be all in the same ballpark...based on several items such as:
A) street address...? ..If we sell present home, it appears that we will have to have some sort of mailing address ie: sons address, po box, mail service etc.
2) value of 5'er....? Do most of you have stated value? or the insurance companies "book value" , which in today's economy seems ok, but maybe not to replace in say a couple of years in case of total loss? Then if I go stated value, they want an appraisal to justify, which I understand...but, who will give me an unbiased fair appraisal? The dealership where I bought it? (I have an '06 made by a company that no longer is making 5'ers)... Any experience in these areas?
3) I have also asked for extra contents coverage and of course liability coverage for visitors accidents (tripping etc)....
What else should we be looking for in regards to coverage....?...IOther items I am missing? as I don't want to be 'insurance poor', but understand the need since this will be our home.

Also......we presently have health coverage through spouses employer....(I am now retired....58 yrs old, good health)...She is 59..some health issues.
She can stay on Cobra (pricey) for a while, but we will still have that lapse until Medicare age etc...
I know there is a TON of options....basic care, catastrophic care, dental etc, but what do many of you carry/suggest...have experience with?

Being that you all (and us) are on the road throughout the United States, have you found any health plans  that have been better or worse for general health care while traveling? I understand we can come back to our 'home area' now and then if we have to for annual checks etc, but throw some info our way that may 'enlighten us'. Right now, Nevada is our home.

Hope this hasn't been to long winded...so much to consider and any and all feedback would be of tremendous help! THANKS.

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Re: Insurances and the full timer....what do you have? and with whom?
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2009, 08:26:33 PM »
Several insurers offer RV-specific policies and options for "fulltimer coverage", purchase price protection, etc. We use ExplorerRV.com, which is a company owned agency for National Interstate.

United Healthcare has a variety of plans and "preferred providers" in every state. Lots of them, so it's never a problem to find a doctor or specialist wherever you are. And just about all hospitals are in their network as well.
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Re: Insurances and the full timer....what do you have? and with whom?
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2009, 08:59:15 PM »
One of the issues with health care coverage is where you will be domiciled. United Healthcare for instance does not offer non-Medicare coverage in SD .