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Author Topic: Looking to buy a Pop-up Camper  (Read 978 times)


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Looking to buy a Pop-up Camper
« on: March 03, 2010, 05:44:09 PM »
This message is actually research for my parents who are looking to buy a pop-up camper.
We are unsure of what brand to go with for starters.
my parents are looking for the following:
- sleeps about 8 comfortably
- option for AC, I believe they all do.
- has built in furnace, seems they all do
- no bathroom needed, more of a "sleeper" camper

I once owned a Starcraft Venture 1706. I loved this trailer as it was the first camper I ever bought and owned.
Much to my disappointment the trailer leaked through the 2 piece seamed roof for a good couple of years before I realized what was happening, and by this point the damage was done. I sold the pop=up for a measly $1000 at 6 years old.

SO - that being said, is a solid, one piece fiberglass roof better than a seamed roof? Are there down sides?
One thing that y parents were told today by a Coleman salesman was that only the larger pop-up campers come with a fiberglass roof, and the smaller ones are all the seamed roofs. I think this is untrue, but I really am not sure.

For any advice that anybody could provide into making this decision would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you in advance.