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Author Topic: Foghorn type sound coming from Winnebago  (Read 1286 times)


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Foghorn type sound coming from Winnebago
« on: March 06, 2010, 11:49:44 AM »
I got a used 1994 26' winnebago about 6 months ago (Ford E350 chassis with 460 engine). It sometimes makes a type of foghorn sound coming from the plastic air intake under the hood that leads to the air filter. My mechanic says this is a common occurrence in that model because it pulls in more air when the engine needs it. Does anyone know any more specifics as to why this sound occurs and how to quiet it down? Usually when it starts, I can get it to stop by revving the gas a slight bit while driving. It's not really causing any problems but I'd like to get it to stop if possible.