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Author Topic: Looking for MH  (Read 1921 times)


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Looking for MH
« on: March 12, 2010, 08:31:52 AM »
I have been to shows, I have been reading this forum, and I still have some questions about some makes of MH. I am looking at some 36' class A homes and would like some opinions of different models and makes. I know a bit about the higher end models but I can't afford those unless I buy 10 years old. So I have been looking at others. What do you know about the following makes?
Forest River - Georgetown
Gulfstream - any model
Damon - any model.

Thanks, John
John W
2010 38' Georgetown
V10 Ford
2009 Escape 4wd Towed


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Re: Looking for MH
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2010, 10:32:07 AM »
I was told by a wise old sage that has sold motor homes for 20 plus years, NEVER buy a motor home with water in the name.  He says it will be an omen.  They will leak.  I don't know from personal experiance on that but I do trust him on that.  I bought a Coachmen 35" with 2 slides 3 years ago and for what I use it for I am very happy with it and very vocal about standing up for them.  Remember the chassis is the same on all be it a Ford, GM ETC.  The appliances are all the same.  It is just construction and amenities.  I bought mine with 21k on it for 23k.  I use it twice a year to go to Canada fishing with my son, father, and one of my son's friends.  Plenty of room and it hauls the 18' boat like it isn't there. We also have gone a couple of other places as well with the wife and daughter.  I went with gas as we do not use it full time on the road.  The added expence of maintence and fuel just did not add up for us.  Lots of opinions and advise here.  Take some as gospel and some with a grain of salt.


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Re: Looking for MH
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2010, 02:31:10 PM »
In my opinion, look at the feedback ref customer service (if the mfg is still in business..).....I did not do this when I bought a few mos back and regret it to this day.....There are some mfg's still around who still practice good service, some do not....My local RV tech will no longer do warranty work on my brand due to a total lack of response from the factory....I can never get a call back from the factory and promises are never kept ref work.....Take a look at the owner's sites for the feedback......

Steve and Liz
Fallbrook, Ca
Gulfstream 30' Calss A
Steve and Liz
Elko, Nv and SoCal
2016 F350 and 2017 Lance 1172 TC


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Re: Looking for MH
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2010, 03:19:04 PM »
The motorhomes are complex.  They are put together with lots of items from other manufactures who will stand behind their product.  My engine is a Cummins, the chassis is freightliner, the tv sony and so on.  Some dealers will work on all the items and others will refer you to the manufacture of the item, therefore you are on your own.  I have been to the dealer who handles various rv's, Winnebago factory, frieightliner and cummins.  I like Cummins out of them all, so far they have been able to work on whatever I needed done.  Our unit is a 1998 left over we purchased new in 2000 and have put 80,000 miles on it.  We intend to take it to Alaska this summer.  I have read that around the ten year make your appliances will start to go, so far that has not happened to us.  We have had a few repairs along the way and of course the heated discussions witht the extended warranty people(they are not in the business of paying claims).  I have also heard some of the manufactures dealers are giving up to 45% discounts on MH's without warranties for companys that have gone bankrucpt.

I think you can find someone to work on your rv, however, some dealers refuse to work on a rv they did not sell.

Put your money down, watch it depriciate and take your chances.

happy hunting,