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Author Topic: DishNetwork transponders have changed -- affects auto-seek dishes  (Read 1638 times)


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Dish changed their transponder settings last Friday for Sat 110 and perhaps others. If you have Dish 500 service and have an auto-seek dish on your RV, it will not find 110 due to the updates. If your dish was already set and working on Friday, no problem until you stow it to move somewhere.  Next time you set it up, it will not find 110. The "fix" is to get a software update from the mfg'er of your dish/controller. In my case, that is Motosat. Update method options are to get a module from Motosat (they are out of stock), take the controller to a dealer, ship the controller to Motosat.

Last time Dish made these kinds of changes, the workaround until you could get the firmware update was to watch the dish aiming screen and to kill the power when the system found a good signal on the 110. This time the only workaround appears to be to kill the power when the system finds a good signal on the 119 sat. That will give you all 119 channels, but you will NOT have any channels from the 110 unless you go up on the roof and manually skew the dish until it hits a signal.
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