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Author Topic: does a gooseneck trailer have a different towing rate then a bumper pull?  (Read 1573 times)


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Husband just bought a 2000 silverado  4.8 4x4 to tow my gooseneck horse trailer. aprox. 6-7000 lbs loaded. can this truck pull it?

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A gooseneck is equivalent to a fifth wheel trailer as far as tow capacity is concerned.

To answer your question we would need more information on the truck, which I gather is a Silverado 1500. since the 2500 does not have that engine? What type of cab (regular, extended, crew), what bed length, rear axle gearing, etc.  This truck is probably at or very near its max fifth wheel towing capacity with a 7000 lb trailer unless it has the 4.10 rear axle gearing.
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Yep, that truck is certainly on the light end for pulling that kind of load.  A friend with a 5.3L extended cab complains about just pulling his 12ft enclosed M/C trailer...The half ton trucks are really made for light hauling and a nice ride.  You know, getting the new fridge, a load of mulch...

If you're just pulling local on mostly flat land and you've got the 4.10's with stock tires, you'll maybe, might, possibly squeek by.  -If the pin weight of your stock trailer is within capacity of the truck.   If you've got an automatic trans, consider putting a large cooler and temp gauge on so you can keep it cool and monitor temp.  You'll really load up the trans (a 4L60E I think) with that load.  Do very much pulling, very far or in the hills and you'll be bugging your DH for a bigger truck. ;)

IMO, that's really a job for a 3/4HD or 1Ton with a large gas or a diesel powerplant.

edit to add: Chances are that with goose neck stock trailer in the 7K range, (like a 4 up), you'll need to add some helper springs/air springs/poly springs to the rear suspension... :P
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