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Author Topic: A new toy....MARC NR-82F1 Receiver (googlable0  (Read 3433 times)


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A new toy....MARC NR-82F1 Receiver (googlable0
« on: June 03, 2010, 02:10:53 PM »
   My dear BIL (non radio fan) obtained this radio 8 years ago. I told him at the time, being a ham, that it was neat and what are you going to with it...  Finally 8 years later he succumbed and offered to send it to me ..no charge.

   To me it is an amazing receiver..12 bands from 145 KHZ to 470 MHZ. It is analog tuning but does have a digital readout on all bands except UHF.Pix attached.

 It is of the early 1980 vintage, sold all over the World under differing names. (lots of info on Google).

   Today I plugged it in, no operator or service manual available, and was able to get it working...mostly..

It worked well on all the VHF and UHF bands. Sadly, the HF band switch knob (top right) fell out. So I could not test it on the HF bands.  I have the knob and the part that goes into the unit...seems to have broken off inside. A problem I'll have to address in the future.

   It is a large unit...18" wide and 11" tall. Built like tank. Seems to be very sensitive with all the bells and whistles. Squelch, RF gain, antenna tune, all audio controls. Internal and exterior antenna switchable, including a PL259 connector. Wow.

   Makes me reminisce to the old days when I got my first short-wave receiver.

  Just to make little change in topics..hope you enjoy it.  (note:I've been a ham for 50 years).

Anyone familiar with this item?

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