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Author Topic: MisMarked fuses 03 adven 35U  (Read 1166 times)


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MisMarked fuses 03 adven 35U
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:15:39 PM »
FYI. Sometimes it takes a lot of hrs to find these things. 2 fuse blocks under the dash pod on left side. Lower block has fuse labled cig lighter. It's not. I didn't take the time to find out what it went to just put a ? mark on it. Actual lighter fuse is on the upper fuse block, 20 amp bottom right.

Also on lower block the 15 amp labeled "step alarm" also goes to the back up monitor, coach heater (the fan/vent on floor just back of the mtr cover), antenna reminder and HWH wiring. The Winny diagrams show wire "KE" going to all these, problem was the drawings end at the I/P convenience center. Called  Workhorse, they sent their drawings which shows the "step alarm" fuse going to all this stuff thru the I/P. Heck, i didn't know the step alarm wasn't working because the step has always worked....unless they just meant the light on the dash which also didn't work.

Found my problem to be the fan not turning blowing the fuse. Next project fix fan. Haven't started yet..any one know how to get to  it? Hope this FYI saves someone some time and frustration.
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