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Author Topic: Looking for talented auto fabricators and craftsmen for a conversion Van project  (Read 2121 times)


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Our company LA Transfer Productions Inc. (China division) is looking for a conversion van for its VIP client. Instead of buying a GMC Savana or Chevy based conversion van, we will like the conversion to be done on a long wheel based Ford Transit (produced in China). So here I am presenting this project as a contract job to whoever thinks they are up for the challenge.

Conversion Specs
The base vehicle we like to use is Ford Transit (mid top) produced in China.
Here is the link for the base vehicle below:

Ps. If you have trouble reading Chinese, you can use google translator tool or simple ignore them. The website only provides the basic info and photo on the vehicle.

The purpose of the conversion is to make the vehicle in to a high class business landjet, which suits diplomat and mobile office use. So it will be something like the more extravagant GMC Savana conversion done by starcraft or American coach.
Here is the link for the GMC conversion van, we will like our van to look similar to this but only better in features.


Initial Contact
If you or your company is interested in this project, please contact me by email or phone. We can get to know each other, and try to get the initial design or cost estimate.

Meeting at your place
I will travel to US in Jan 2011, I will visit your shop and discuss more detail and finalize on the design and fees. Ps. We will provide all travel expense (including visa) and your accommodation cost while you are in China. Also during our meeting, we need to discuss a list of tools and materials you will need in China. We may or may not have everything in China. For those we donít have, we can purchase them in US and have you bring them to China once the schedule is set.
You may also suggest us what you like to have it done before you trip to China and so we can find the factory to finish some parts of the project.

 Fabrication stage
Since it is a kind of venture project, we will allow max.  of 2 months to finish full conversion.
During this time, you will be responsible for every aspect of the mortification. Full attention to details is required.   

Last but not least
The reason I will like this conversion van done in China instead of buying one is because I like cars, and know you can have a car fitted in your own need is something special. It is a riskier choice and I am willing to take. As my expectation for you, I hope you are experienced, you are responsible and you are up for the challenge, and above all, I hope we can finish a great project together, and you can have a great time in China.

My Contact is
Ian W.
Email: Latransfer@hotmail.com
Or cell 8621-18621690510