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Author Topic: Mini Rally in Yellowstone  (Read 1257 times)

Jim Dick

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Mini Rally in Yellowstone
« on: August 07, 2010, 02:11:10 AM »
As many of you know we are working at Yellowstone with Pancake Bill and Jolene. Yesterday we were blessed with the arrival of Ken & Sheila Kuch. This morning Pancake Bill worked his magic with the grill to provide all of us with a fantastic pancake breakfast. Attached are some photos to make this an official rally.

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Chris' surgery
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2010, 08:14:01 PM »
Not for open forum at this time ....

Several folks have inquired privately about Chris' status, and we're especially grateful for the concerns and kind thoughts and prayers. Apologies that this is a cut-and-paste from my private communications.

Chris      recently had her first routine colonoscopy, and the doc saw      something he'd never seen before in his career; It looked like an      inverted appendix (as if someone had pushed the appendix inwards),      but he really couldn't tell. He referred us to a different doctor      who felt that there might be something else going on, but he was      scratching his head until I mentioned that Chris had lymphoma in the      80's. The latter was treated with 10 weeks of daily head-to-toe      radiation, during which time Chris lost all her hair, fingernails      and toenails (they grew back).     
      It was a bit of a surprise to find out 25 years later that there      might be something similar going on internally. Chris is scheduled      for surgery 7.30am Wednesday this week  to remove the appendix and part of the cecum. We leave home   around 4.00am for a 5.30am admission. The OR is reserved for 3.5 hours. Chris took care of all the tests,   scans, lab work, pre-op, pre-admission, etc last week. Today and   tomorrow she's on a liquid diet. 
We met with the surgeon last Friday, and he explained the CT scan showed   the presence of "a mass". The doc said he'd have a pathologist on hand   during surgery and if, when he removes the appendix and part of the   cecum, the mass is cancerous, he'll remove more stuff. So, surgery will   take either an hour or three hours, depending on what the pathologist says. 
Either way, the doc feels that things should go OK, and the only   potential downside he sees is the possibility of a leak. That would be   akin to a burst appendix, although he believes the risk of a leak is   very low, but that's one reason Chris will need to stay in the hospital   for 3-5 days (so they can monitor her). If a leak occurs, the doc will   need to go back in and clean stuff up, in addition to repairing the   leak. Sounds like a real plumbing job. 
Right now, we're in a wait and see mode, although Chris has more or less blanked it out. 
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