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Author Topic: Duplicate post>> View , Navion , opinions by owners .  (Read 1399 times)


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Duplicate post>> View , Navion , opinions by owners .
« on: January 12, 2011, 12:25:43 AM »
HI !
I'm reading   so many posts about bad experiences with the View and I wander how the owners who wrote the posts feel about the View now that has been a while since they bought it .
 The View is one of my options , also the Navion and the Serenity by Leisure travel vans but is hard to find . I am worry about the beds that seem to be uncomfortable , the power of the engine at the mountains , the heat inside from the engine , and the sound , I mean if it is a quiet diesel or not , also the AC .

 Winnebago has another model class A but almost as small as the View , the Via. It looks great but is so expensive , there is any body who has try the Via ?
I am thinking about to go to Tampa . I have ever been in Florida or at any RV shows , any advice on reservations or where to stay .
Thank you so much .
I have been working on the decision on purchasing a B+ or a C, better a diesel and a 24 or 25 ft. Any advice or tip will be appreciated it will be my first motorhome and my husband has parkinsons' so I will be the driver , I don;t know if the View or the Serenity are very hard to drive . I do see a lot used Navions for sale.
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