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Author Topic: "87" Coachmen Leprechaun Heater/fridge problem HELP!  (Read 1608 times)


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"87" Coachmen Leprechaun Heater/fridge problem HELP!
« on: February 14, 2011, 08:08:08 PM »
We just took our "NEW" to us Leprechaun out for the first time. Before leaving, we had tested the heater, it came right on and got the camper nice and toasty. I tested the fridge by leaving it running on gas overnight. We put the setting on "coldest" We were surprised to find the fridge temp at 20 degree's the next day. Well off we went. We arrived at the campsite, turned on the heater as it was 45 degree's outside. It came right on blowing out hot air. I turned on the fridge using the gas setting. No "Check" light, so I presumed it was working. We went outside for the next few hours, and when we came in, the camper was cold. I checked the heater, it was blowing out cold air. Also the fridge was not cooling. I turned it off, and turned it back on, immediately the check light came on, and continued to come on every time I tried to start it. Also, shore power would not run it. At first I thought I was out of gas, but the stove and oven worked fine the entire trip. We had ceramic heaters and put blocks of ice in the fridge so all was well, but I am really confused about the heater/fridge issue. Can any kind soul offer any help or hints on what could be wrong? TIA!