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Author Topic: roof won't lock in up position.  (Read 1816 times)


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roof won't lock in up position.
« on: March 21, 2011, 01:19:28 PM »
I recently got a mid 80's Skamper pop top camper and the first time I raised the top the crank handle popped out of the gear mechanism and I wound up trying to hold up the top with my head , not a good idea top is way too heavy to use as a hat. After trying this a couple more times to be sure I figured out that there not only is no way to control the lifting as far as stopping midway up or down but there is no way to lock this thing once it is up and that worries me because of the weight if it would fall while I was in the bed it would probably pin me which would be embarrassing if not worse. Now common sense tells me that either I am missing something or the camper is I just don't know which. This is my first pop up camper of any type so I have no experience of my own to draw on which is what leads me to my public plea for guidance. I can see no place on the hardware that indicates missing pieces but something sure as heck is not right