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Author Topic: Time Lord Chronicals..."Two"..."Homework/Research/Preparation"  (Read 1088 times)

Time Lord

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Time Lord Chronicals..."Two"..."Homework/Research/Preparation"
« on: November 18, 2011, 02:24:41 PM »
Less see…where’d ah leave off? Doing our “home-work”. Did thaa…movin on. Predictably…fuel prices are ramping up in preparation for Memorial Day Rape. As diesel climbs, the prices for the larger diesel rig that I’m looking for is dropping…while at the same time, the demand and trade-in value for my “Prius” is going up. Well…lordy be…issa mirikle however fortuitous the timing, But we’re not quite there yet.

Three houses…remember? Yeah…our primary residence and two rentals. Not counting the cabin and 2 ˝ acres that we are hanging onto as our “home-base”. Lots of “details” to deal with in making arrangements to sell three properties. Our real-estate agent is hungry and chomping at the bit. Louise located the best on-line home school network and got our two kids enrolled for this coming fall. It offers structure, but also tailored to fit the needs of the student.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…I’ve been wrapping up loose ends from “the great flood”. That still leaves revamping our downstairs bathroom. It’s in sorry shape and has to be dealt with before the house can be put on the market and “shown”.

Then with rental number one…it will be vacant by the end of June. We’re in a scramble to finish some cosmetic stuff and get it listed and on the market sooner then later. Once I finish this place, I can refocus my time and efforts back on our primary residence and wrap up some “loose ends” so we can get our primary residence listed as well.

Rental number two…for tax purposes, we need to defer the sale of this place until next year. So we are negotiating a deal with the current renter to engage in a lease option purchase in 2012.

As part of this process, as you might imagine…we’ve had to make “choices” sometime painful choices about what constitutes a “keep” thing and what goes into the trash. “That’s a perfectly good pad of post-a-notes”…we always need posta notes.” Stuff going in the garbage, stuff going in the [garage-- “yard sale pile”--garage] cluttering that space, and pushing more garage stuff outside. Then ya got the pile of stuff that’s going to go into the 5th Wheel, and the pile of stuff that’s going to the cabin and stored. Oh…did I mention, we’ve still gotta pick up a shipping container to sit out on our property to store the “stuff” that we want to keep? Brings to mind something a fellow co-worker once told me…he said…”bring only what you can carry out inna box”. There is some truth buried somewhere in that small cardboard box. Many decisions that have to be made now in order to steer this lumbering craft into the current and maneuvered into the direction we need to travel. In this process…turning stuff into zeros that will fuel our diesel engine and our adventure. Exploring and learning what we can about the people and places we encounter as we walk our path today that segue ways into our tomorrow. During the yard sale…that we will soon have, will be that box of clothes that just bought one gallon of diesel. Those clothes were converted into zeros and put us 15 miles further down that highway. Pretty soon, if we’re not careful…we’re gonna all be neked runnin down da road in Meheco.

And we’re moving…we can feel the movement. It’s beginning to freak out our friends, that we’re actually making these serious life altering decisions that are going to propel us somewhere very far from here, and far from them. “Did you say “gypsies”…?...nomadic “tribes”. I might guess that “tribes” has been defined and redefined over the militia, but it always means a force of more then just one. In Utah, that means being Mormon. In Montana, da means “havin all yer teetff”. Ah didn’t say it’s gotta be a big group.

So we’ve actually pushed off and we’re descending down a fast rapidly dropping sliiiiiiiiidddde that’s banking hard to the right….as best as possible, we can anticipate and make educated decisions…but it’s impossible to know exactly what is around each corner. Besides…”predictability is over-rated”…
Time Lord
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