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Author Topic: Fuel pump on 95 Fleetwood Pace Arrow  (Read 1753 times)


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Fuel pump on 95 Fleetwood Pace Arrow
« on: January 20, 2012, 08:12:51 AM »
I have had this problem a few times lately of no fuel to carbuerator.This happens when motorhome has sit for a few days and when you try to to start it, it gets no fuel.Seems like if I let it sit afew minutes after trying to start ,it will start right up also the last time I was moving it around it just cut off while I was moving and would not start back.After setting for about 20 mins I tried it again and fired right back up,this is not good I am afraid of being stranded somewhere.After reading several posts on here and some experiences with an Ford Windstar doing almost the same thing,I am thinking fuel pump on camper because that fixed the  Windstar's same issues. I noticed when looking for replacement pump for the chevy 454 P30 chassis they show some different pressure ratings.I can't seem to find a specific rating for my chasis.It has an 80 gallon tank if that helps ,any help would greatly appreciated.


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Re: Fuel pump on 95 Fleetwood Pace Arrow
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 10:58:40 AM »
I do not know if this relates to your specific issue but will give you something to try.  Some Ford fuel pumps are mounted in the fuel tank.  Since they are used on fuel injected systems they have an internal check valve that retains pressure in the fuel lines so when you start your engine you have pressurized fuel at startup. This is why you have to depressurize the lines any time you work on the fuel system.  These check valves are notorious for failing. When they do the fuel in the lines leaks back into the tank when you shut down the engine and you lose your pressure.  When you try and start the engine there is no fuel present for the injectors. The next time you try and start the engine do this.  Turn the key on until the dash lights come on and wait three seconds and turn the key off.  Do not crank the engine.  Do this two more times (3 total).  On the fourth time try and start the engine.  If the engine starts its a good bet the check valve is not closing properly.  You might try a can or two of Seafoam in your gas to see if it frees up the check valve. Turning the key on/off is basically restarting the engine start sequence which includes a two second energizing of the fuel pump.  6 - 8 seconds of running the fuel pump will usually fully pressurize the fuel lines.
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