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Author Topic: Trip Computer MPG TBI Autocomp?  (Read 769 times)


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Trip Computer MPG TBI Autocomp?
« on: January 27, 2012, 02:37:43 PM »
Hey All,

I have a Motorhome with a Chrysler Industrial TBI 360 V8 (5.9L) I have a gear vendors over/underive that I can get speed pulses from and I can tap an injector (I have 2) for pulses there. It has the old Chrysler spec OBD1 so Scangauge is out. It's got Throttle Body Fuel Injection.

I have an MPGuino built (though I am still puzzling out an enclosure to sit on the dash)

While browsing online I cam across a vintage Trip computer/mpg meter called an AUTOCOMP. It has a fuel flow sensor and may be able to get speed signals from various inputs. It's designed for carbureted engines.

It isn't specific about Throttle Body Fuel injection. I believe it will work with my setup, but am unsure. A regular high pressure system with rails, etc would likely burst something important, but my fuel pressure is much lower.

What do you all think??

Also, anyone actually have one of these?? I'd buy one if it would work...

Were there any other similar devices that would work with my drivetrain???


Rich "The Wanderman"