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Author Topic: Best truck setup for a slide in camper?  (Read 3682 times)


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Best truck setup for a slide in camper?
« on: March 11, 2012, 11:11:46 PM »
I know this depends on the person and what their favorite choice is for brand/model, but has there ever been an overall winner with regard to which setup is an overall top-dog?    All trucks can have issues, but my thinking is that for useage of a slide in camper and often a tow unit of some kind, it can depend on the size/length and options of the truck camper as to it's weight, thus the truck has to be able to handle that weight. 
These days, overall the choice seems to extend to a Diesel truck, and it being a crew cab dually, to handle room for kids or 'stuff' along with the stability for the safety of all.   Some enjoy more options than others, some want everything but the kitchen sink with them, and others camp on a budget.   

Another issue upon those that own trucks getting close to finishing their warranty, have a belief that tearing off emissions systems will (and often does) give them much better fuel mileage, as well as power increases.   Apparently the diesel particulate filter and CAT "Do" help the environment, but also dig a 'deep' hole in the pocket of those that have them, with regard to engine problems that can exist with them (EGR issues) and eventually replacement of DPF/CAT setups which are extremely expensive new.
These days there are 'tuners' on the market, that can tell you everything you need to know about your truck, along with helping increase fuel mileage and HUGE power increases, so it truly can be tempting, especially with the heavier loads folks are carrying now, with larger tanks and slides on campers.

There is lots of speculation on which is the better version setup to have, but I thought I'd see what other folks have with regard to this topic?    I'm sure this has been tossed about in other forums, but seeing as how I haven't come across many myself, I thought I'd see what opinions might exist.

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