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Author Topic: Electrical Problem 2010 RoadTrek Sprinter SS Agile - Driver side 120V dead  (Read 2196 times)


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Seeking advice regarding driver side 120V GFCI protected circuit on above vehicle. Main breakers reset, GFCI replaced, main power out from inverter plugged in receptacle (checking 120 out shortly), inverter/charger seems to be working properly, reset anyway. Problem seemed to start after plugging shore power into a GFI protected 30 amp shore power receptacle that tripped (this always seems to happen with this vehicle - according to Scott at Roadtrek "this happens". Also got some arching when connecting shore power and male shore power cable not quite tight leading to "clicking" of inverter and intermittant power, corrected by reseating shore power cable securely. Importantly, passenger side 120 V works. Any thoughts from electrical gurus appreciated....


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The first problem you need to solve is the fact that if you plug the RV into a GFI protected circuit that it trips the GFI. This should not happen. It means that somewhere in your rig the neutral (white wire) and the ground (bare wire) are tied together and they should not be tied together. Solve that problem first and your other problems may go away. Best place to look is in the breaker box for your RV. Unplug from shore power and use a multimeter to find the location of the neutral and ground are tied together.
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