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Author Topic: GPS..where are you, where do you live...lat-long numbers here easily.  (Read 818 times)


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 Here is my second try to post this yawner post.

  There are so many possibilities to find that info on the web.
  After checking some of them, this one pleased me. There is a bit of a learning curve. Not much.
Now that I know where my house is, I will build a bomb shelter. Just kidding

  Try this link and see if it has value for you.  http://studio.messlinger.com/map/  it's safe.

Just home from a 3 hour skin cancer operation on my stupid arm. The fingers still work, I think.

  If this post is a yawner let me know.

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...Logic works like a charm...


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Yawn! Didn't do much for me.  Just got back from the plastic surgeon removing stitches from my Basil Cell Cancer. :D
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