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Author Topic: Australian exploring USA.  (Read 2030 times)

Jan Stiskala

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Australian exploring USA.
« on: May 13, 2012, 08:53:31 PM »
1. log: 05.09.2012

I am at the moment on the plain to Chicago.

Flight from Sydney to NZ was ok. Seat crowded in cheap economy, but just short flight.
Airport in Auckland is small and easy to transit. 1 hour I have to do this give me enough time to do some duty free shopping for alcohol. I was disappointed that only 1 litre of grog is allowed to us per person. (looks like I have to cut out my drinking habit).

Prestige economy on flight to LA from NZ was ok. Enough room for my legs, but seat is not extremely comfortable and don't recline back to far. Entertaining system good. If you fly with them economy plus, make sure that you book window seat. You get extra space that way. I personally think that this economy plus set-up is not that great. I would not pay more than $2500 for that deal if I fly in future with them.
My old body was beaten after this long travel from Sydney to LA and I was bit sorry that I was greedy to pay for business class. I am more happy with economy seats on this flight from LA to Chicago.

When I arrived to LA I moved to Travellodge hotel ( 4 km from airport). This hotel is very cheap and one night cost me with taxes $70. In this is included free shuttle from and to Airport and breakfast. Hotel is just basic, but I just sleep there to recover from the flight. Good value for money I think.

Opposite of hotel was Bank of America and I just walk in and open my US account with debit card. I used as address my LLC address in Montana. Staff in Bank was extremely helpful. Looks like customer service in US is better than in Australia, but it is to early to say that. So far All Americans I dealt with was pleasant except hotel desk person.

I slept in strange way 3 hours evening and 3 hours morning, that give me few hours to sort some co business on internet . Jet-lag is not to bad this time, just my back is sore. Breakfast in morning surprised me, Americans are really in love with sugar, bred is also sweet. Strange taste for my Australian tastebuds.

I love you all and hope that There will be more time to continue on my blog.

2. log: 05.09.2012

Flight to Chicago was ok and I took Taxi to take me to hotel close to Campingworld where I will be picking up my New RV Thor ACE 29.2
Taxi cost for this was $150, but distance from airport was about 50 km.
Morning I went by taxi again to RV dealer to pick up the RV. Dealer told me that the RV was delivered late and ask me to wait for 7 hours till they clean it and have it ready. This was not so bad, all staff was helpful and I arranged my insurance for RV
Yearly insurance cost me about $1100.

First 2 days I slept in front of Walmart and shop for all equipment like bed linen, dishes, food, camping table and chairs, extra clothes and all needed for day to day living. By looking at my account I spent about $2000 for all equipment.

I left all my shopping in plastic bags and boxes, secured so nothing get broken by the driving and begin my trip. First night I stop in Woodstock and park in front of RV dealership. Slept another night with out hook up and morning make few more purchases for my RV there.

Then I decided to drive bit of distance get my self closer to YNP to visit Jogi bear. I drive only about 300 Km with all the stops on the road. There is so much to see in Wiskonsin. All the cheese shops and places to buy good Jerky. No wander that I made it only to Stoddart.
Find my self nice camp called Veterans Memorial Campground. Place was cheap $25  and I get my water and Electric hookup there.
Wow first time real RV camping. This Thor ACE 29.2 is so easy to drive and comfort is unbelievable. It is hard to explain to  Australian what RV traveling in USA means. We have nothing even close to this available in Australia. US RV people are completely spoiled. Same RV would cost about 3 to 4 times more in Australia.

I decided to spent 2 nights here and make my RV comfortable and set up for further travel. Now finally I have all done to suit  my needs. All hooks screwed to right places, things unpacked and fitted to draws and all technology set up properly. Finally I can start cooking and eat healthy. I miss that a lot.  After eating sandwiches for 4 days, I cooked my self my first Phoebe food.
By the way Phoebe is name for my RV. Me and my daughter like this name so Phoebe it is.

Tomorrow I will drive again and hope to reach Spam Museum in Austin MN. That should be my next stop. My friends from this forum recommended this place to visit. He He I must stock my self with some spam.

Cheers all and sorry if my english grammar is not up to scratch. As I explained in previous posts, I was born in Czech republic and learn English language later in live.
Australian travelling US in  ACE 29.2


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Re: Australian exploring USA.
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2012, 08:00:03 PM »
Would love to read more when you get a chance!  Hope you're having a great time!
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Re: Australian exploring USA.
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2012, 08:23:26 PM »
Sounds like a good start to your trip. Keep enjoying the travels.
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Re: Australian exploring USA.
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2012, 08:30:29 PM »

It looks like you're off to a great start RVing in the USA.  Take some time to rest from the long trip and it sounds like you're already getting organized.  Have a wonderful time in our country and don't worry about your English - I understand it just fine!

Happy travels!
:D :D