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Author Topic: Made the front page  (Read 2019 times)


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Made the front page
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:48:56 PM »
Five of the ukulele band, including yours truly, were on vacation when a group photo was taken during a recent performance at a local assisted living facility. A picture was taken of five of us during Tuesday's practice, and was Photoshopped into the group picture (not by me). The add-in isn't very good, and I'm trying to get hold of Tuesday's pictures so I can try to do a better job. I also need to change the aspect ratio, which might mean 'moving' some folks in the original picture.

The group picture is the header image on the band's web site. I was just kidding about "made the front page"; I'm their webmaster and secretary/PR person, and decide what goes on the front/home page  ;)

This was a group of approx 11 players when I joined last June. We've succeeded in creating interest in the community and bringing in new players, largely due to the efforts and reputation of our talented new Music Director; He's a long-time friend/acquaintance and the Music Director for a local mixed chorus (70+ voices), and he also plays guitar &/or banjo in a folk group. We hope that our first public concert next week attracts a few more players and wannabes (we offer uke classes).

FWIW not everyone in the picture plays a uke; We have a couple of folks who play guitar, one of whom alternates between washboard and harmonica. One of the uke players plays a gut bucket for a few of the numbers (makes a great base sound). We also have a couple of hula dancers, one of whom is Hawaiian and a wonderful uke player. The other hula dancer is not in the picture.

Some of the folks have played uke for 60 years, and I'm wondering if I'll ever catch up  :(

Playing the ukulele has introduced me to an instrument I can take along in the coach, and has introduced me to music and songs I would never have otherwise played or sung.
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