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Author Topic: Connent on the Hawking WiFi Dish Adaptor  (Read 1230 times)


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Connent on the Hawking WiFi Dish Adaptor
« on: June 01, 2006, 07:02:29 AM »

We were in a park in Elkhart Indiana and NOBODY at the far end of the park could get the WiFi.  The antenna was just to far away.   We connected the Hawking and even with a low signal strength we could connect and use the park's WiFi  by carefully pointing the dish toward the building with the dish antenna.
Then someone was given the site across from us blocking our WiFi path and we lost the connection...to bad for us! 

To fix this problem I took out my 20 foot USB cable extension cord, ran it out the side window and placed the Hawking dish on the picnic table about 15 feet away.  I then carefull pointed the "cute" little 5 inch dish so it pointed between the two coaches across from us and, as if by magic, we again were on line with the parks WiFi.  We love our Hawking Dish!

BTW, Ardra and I now have two of them one for each of our PCs.

If you don't already know and wonder about this dish go to Google a enter HWU8DD which is the model number of this Hawking WiFi Dish.

JerryF  ;D  ;D