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Author Topic: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................  (Read 2489 times)


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''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:15:21 AM »

   There seems to be several like me that go back some years to the second world war with their memories.  Sometimes I sit and think about what were referred to as ''The Good Old Days''.  This is happy nostalgia from people that forgot what it was like to not have running water in the house.  Water was drawn from the well out back, sloshed in the water bucket and carried into the kitchen and sat on a metal stool.  That was ''running water'' in our house.  You ran with the bucket of water if it was raining or cold as whizz outside.
   Central heating was a Warm Morning stove in the living room.  The ''Warm Morning'' stove was a brand of stove that would keep a fire all night long if you closed the damper down and ''stoked'' the fire with hot ashes from the bottom of the stove.  The stove would usually be ''warm in the morning'' but the room would be cold as a frog.
   Air Conditioning was what you felt when you went to the movie on Saturday morning up too the Rialto theater and seen Lash Laroo and Fuzzy St.John in ''The Rustlers Revenge'' with five cartoons and another chapter of ''Bullet Head Man'' where he would always get killed and then escape just in time when the car went over the cliff or the room exploded.  Air Conditioning at home amounted to opening all the windows that had screens on them.  If you were really lucky, you had a fan.......
   Home entertainment amounted to a radio that the family “watched”  at night with Our Miss Brooks, Amos and Andy, The Creaking Door and a thousand others that you watched in your mind while your ears told you the story.   Other entertainment was ''Connect the Dots'', coloring books, comic books and lots of other things that made you think and use your own hands and mind to complete.
   Back then you had friends.  Real friends.  People you could trust to go into your house when you went to the coast.  They would go in and ''air out'' your house for you and you never ever thought that anything would be missing. 
   Back then it was ''Family First'' and you had a yard full of aunts and uncles and a bus load of cousins and your family stuck together thru thick and thin.  People helped each other from love and respect.
   Back then you had Neighbors.  Back then you knew everyone for at least a mile around your house.  Kids could go outside and play with no fear of being molested or mistreated in any way.  Many is the time my mom would say ''go outside and play and don't be late to supper''.  She would see me again about sun down and never worry. 
   In our neighborhood everyone had ''outdoor plumbing'' which amounted to an ''outhouse'' on the back of the property....   Outhouses had many advantages over the indoor plumbing we are stuck with today. 
One.   No one wanted to come in and wash their hands.....
Two.   There was always something to read in the outhouse.....
Three.  In the winter time you could build a small fire on the concrete floor of the outhouse.
Four.   In the summer time you could leave the door open at night and listen to the crickets.
Five.   And most important, our outhouse had an electric lite in it.  Yep, my uncle Lee put in electric lighting in the outhouse one day when he was sober.
   Back then you had salesmen that came by the house.  We had the Fuller Brush Man.  He would come by about once a month with a box full of assorted brushes for about every conceivable use.  We had the Dutch laundry man that would come by about once a week and get your dry cleaning.  If you got up to five dollars in dry cleaning you got a deck of cards with a windmill on the back.  We had Mr. Rudd our insurance man.  He came by once a week to collect our insurance premiums.  We had a ''Paper boy'' that stopped every Friday to collect for the papers he delivered.   We had an ''Ice Man and a Milk Man'' to pay and mom would put the money for them in a tin box on the back porch. They would sign your ''book'' and take the money.  I am sure we had more but my memory has faded now. 
   In the summer we had kids hustling blackberries for twenty five cents a quart and wild straw berries for the same quarter.  In the fall we hustled Hickory nuts, holly writhes and Christmas trees from across the tracks.  In winter we hustled ourselves.   ''Shovel your sidewalk for a dime'',,,,,,,,, and we were always ready to ''Haul off your trash for a quarter''
   Mowing grass was big business in the summer also.  We had a second hand ''Push lawn mower'' and a big yard would get you sometimes fifty cents if you did a really good job.  Roger Rich's dad bought a ''Power lawnmower'' with a two cycle motor on it and put everyone with a push mower out of business.  (I hated that kid)
   When I got big enough to see over the dash of a car I went into the ''car washing'' business.  I would wash your car, black your tires, clean the interior, paste  wax and buff (by hand) the entire car, shine the chrome and clean the windows inside and out for three dollars.  Some folks would give me a dollar with the promise of two more ''come payday''.......
   Times were different back then.  Back then, a mans ''word'' was his bond and a ''handshake'' on any deal was better than a contract drawn up you a Philadelphia lawyer.  Times have changed and sometimes I don't see them changing for the better.

This is getting long and I am out of coffee......

Such is life from the memory of an old man that was once a barefoot kid after the Big War.   
Second generation U.S. Navy
Seajay the sailor man
God bless our troops and bring them home safe
God bless our veterans.... All gave some.. Some gave all that we might be free.....


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Re: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2012, 06:03:39 PM »
Wow, great story (reflection) Seajay.  While my memories are not as far back as yours, they are definitely back, that's for sure.  Remember Grandma 'D's' house up the street, out-house out back (with Sears catalog) ... They had inside pluming in that house, she just didn't use it... Cast pump in the kitchen, went down to the cistern underneath the house.  Grape vines, molasses cookies, raspberry bushes... lot's of memories.  Old Ford truck we used to ride around in the field, heck, not sure, it's was late 40's or very early 50's model.  Yup, knew everyone within a mile or more, and don't believe we even had keys to the house, just didn't need them.  Do remember getting that first window airconditioner, one small room in the house, my Brother had asthma, bet that cost Dad a few weeks pay.  Also remember taking plenty of heck when we would leave the door of the refrigerator open.... Dad would go on about the ice box when he grew up, now they have an alarm when the door does not close.  I guess I was upper class... vacation... we actually went to Canada for a couple of weeks, that tent vacation by the lake was dreamed about all year long.  Parents and four kids loaded up in an 196? Ford van, pulling a small boat (which blew tire after tire after tire) I still remember the sound and smell of those summer adventures.  Pop was down here for my sons graduation (he's headed for pre-med) last week, tears in his eyes, saying our 5Ver get's bigger every time he sees it. I love hearing about the past, just plain nice... Keep your stories coming.
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Re: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2012, 11:33:11 PM »
I remember those times to Seajay.  I like the AC now and would hate to give it up, but it was sure a more innocent time and someitmes I would like to go back to those times.


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Re: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2012, 12:20:45 AM »
Huh!  The only thing that would make me go back would be the promise of being able to sneak chunks of ice out from under the tarp on the iceman's truck while he lugged a block into the house.
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Ernie n Tara

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Re: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2012, 12:35:33 PM »
I think you covered the good and the bad although it sounds like country living as I remember it.
What you missed is "They don't build 'em like they used to!". Thankfully! I remember the cars in particular; 40,000 miles on an engine was exceptional - they typically used oil even when new, Flat tires were an every day/week occurrence - today we don't really need a spare, Air conditioning was a rumble seat, etc. etc. It was the same story for all mechanical devices, if they even existed. Remember Dick Tracy's wrist radio - today most of us actually have one!
I won't even go into the health area; suffice it to say we just live a lot longer and in better health.
I'd love to be young again, but I don't miss the "Good Old Days",
Ernie 'n Tara

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Re: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2012, 01:49:50 PM »
One of my early memories was my mother pulling me in a wagon, all over town, while she went to the landlord to pay the rent; walked many several blocks to town to pay the electric/gas bills; then buy what groceries she could put in the wagon between my legs, and back home again.

Sleeping in the same bed with my older sister until she went into Jr. High.  That would probably be child abuse today.  Folks could only afford a two-bedroom.

During the war years, on a very long trip into the city to visit relatives, my sister and I counting all the Blue Star Flags in the window, seeing which one of us would get the most from our respective sides of the car.  Then watching many of those same Blue Stars turn to Gold.  We could count those double.

Riding my bike all over town, with no real destination in mind, but meeting up with friends when all would decide where to go and what to do.  As long as I was home by 5:00 p.m.  Couldn't go anywhere until after lunch though, because we had chores to do in the morning to help Mom out. 

I guess that's where my sense of freedom and wanderlust comes from.....

Daisy.  Location:  Sometimes here, Sometimes there.  All depends on the mood of the moment!

Movin On

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Re: ''REMEMBER WHEN''.................
« Reply #6 on: June 22, 2012, 09:51:28 AM »
One of my many memories of a different time and place was the 4th of July. I can't begin to enumerate all the differences and I'm just talking about being a kid in the 60s-70s. On the 4th of July in a small town we would go to the city park and have fishing tournaments, frog and turtle races, eating contests, tug-o-wars, bike and running races anything you would think of for the entire day until that night when the fireworks would happen. You would occasionally run into your parents or family a few times that day but nobody had to worry. If you were looking for someone just ask a few people and soon somebody would tell you where they were last seen. No cell phones...... what a concept.

I agree technology is far superior in many ways but somehow something can be lost with every advancement. It bothers me that my kids won't experience this but that's what happens to every generation. We are blessed to live in a location where they have a lot of freedom and I try to create memories like these for them. I'm sure most everybody knows the Bucky Covington song A Different World. I love that song, if you don't know it you should Google it and give it a listen.

I loved yesterday, I'm thankful to have today and I'm hopeful for tomorrow.

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