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Author Topic: GM 6.5l diesel engine cutting out  (Read 758 times)


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GM 6.5l diesel engine cutting out
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:48:54 PM »
I've had a problem with our Damon Daybreak since buying it just before Christmas. At very random times, the engine would just die on us. This could be just pulling away from a parking spot or doing 55 MPH on the road (Very dangerous!). The vehicle would not then re-start for 20 minutes or more and then may not cut out for days or cut out 10 miles further down the road.

After a lot of research, I discovered this engine may have a design fault as there were many instances of the same thing happening to other owners of vehicles with the same engine. The PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) or FSD as it is sometimes called (Fuel Solenoid Driver) may fail or become faulty if it over heats. Considering it's sat right in the depths of the engine and generates a lot of it's own heat, overheating is almost inevitable (What was GM thinking when they designed this system!!).

I decided to change the PMD but also to move the unit away from the engine using an extension harness. I'm not a mechanic so I was worried if I was capable of doing the modification. I shouldn't have been. The part arrived in the UK from the States yesterday and I fitted it today. It took 20 minutes, was very easy to fit and after a long test, the engine cut out problem seems to have gone (It got so bad in the end that almost every time, the engine would cut out after 10 minutes and would not re-start for at least 30 minutes).

The PMD, extension harness, heatsink and #9 resistor cost $320 and came pre-assembled. An RV dealer in the UK wanted the equivalent of $1,500.