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Let's see pictures of your 4x4!

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John Canfield:
Let's have a thread for everybody to show off their 4x4 ride.  It doesn't have to be modified or a mud/rock rig, but let's see what you have!

Okay - I'll start  ;).

After that, I ain't showing my little mundane Unlimited! :-[

John Canfield:
Tom - you post away, don't worry about what my Jeep looks like!  Stock, a little modified, highly modified - all welcome!

Not the best shot of our truck.  We were getting towed out of one of the 48 washes in Canyon de Chelly by Frank and Barb W. in 2007.  We did leave a few truck parts in the canyon that day.  Don't ask why the bike is on the back :(

If you'd been alone, the bike might have come in handy :)


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