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Brake Buddy with Cool Tech harness on Jeep JK?


Hi, I am going to install the Cool Tech wiring harness on our 2012 Jeep JK which I intend to tow behind my motorhome.  The Cool Tech harness is a plug and play that will give you lights on the Jeep. 

Can I plug in and use my Brake Buddy on my Jeep, or will I have issues using my brake buddy back feeding into the motorhome's 12 volt system?

not unless you figure out a way to put two 12V batteries in series...

Ernie n Tara:
To clarify; it shouldn't cause a problem. The only possible problem would be the brake switch output crossing the MH 12 Vdc and that won't actually hurt anything. It might mess with the turn signals but you can see that if it should happen; just brake while operating the turn signals during your start up check.

John Canfield:
Mark - you can always use a diode in series with whatever +12V lead is in question.  The diode will act as a 'check valve' and prevent back-feeding.


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