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Author Topic: CR-V wiring question  (Read 1136 times)


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CR-V wiring question
« on: July 04, 2012, 06:21:51 AM »
I'm wiring up the new 2012 CR-V for toad use and have a question.  I'm not using add-a-bulb and am going with diodes and tying into the existing lights.  My coach has separate amber turn signals and so does the CR-V so I had planned to wire for LT, RT, running lights and a separate wire for stop lights.  However, I have a wrinkle that has me confused. 
My Air Force One braking system is proportional so it compresses the brake pedal in the toad whenever I use the coach brakes.  This, of course, activiates the toad's brake lights.  So, I am thinking I really don't need to run a separate brake wire from the coach wiring since my toad brake lights are going to come on whenever I use the air brakes.  However, if I don't run a separate brake circuit from the coach, I won't have hazard lights on the toad if I activate the 4 -ways in the coach. 
So my question...if I cut into the toad brake bulb wire and add a diode with both the toad's and the coach's 12v inputs, will I get 24 v to the bulb when I hit the brakes (since both the coach and the toad will be sending separate 12v currents to the diode simultaneously)?
5 years ago when I wired up the Explorer, I think I may have had the same concern and that is why I did the add-a-bulb.  When I hit the brakes, both my added bulb lit along with the toad's existing brake lights. 
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