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Author Topic: '99 Coleman/Fleetwood Santee - cracks in main front and back housings?  (Read 2252 times)


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We just bought a '99 Coleman/Fleetwood Santee that has numerous cracks (some longer, some shorter) in the front and back housing/cowling (I'm not sure what to call it)... What is this housing made of?  ABS?  Other plastic type material?  See attached photos...

1.  I was thinking about coating the interior side of these numerous cracks with resin and and fiberglass cloth...
2.  Should I drill a little hole at the very end of each crack to prevent further cracking (like some people do for cracks in snowmobile hoods)? 
3.  How should I finish off the exterior side of these panels to fill these cracks?

Any advice/suggestions/comments would be appreciated, thanks!



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Re: '99 Coleman/Fleetwood Santee - cracks in main front and back housings?
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2012, 01:01:09 PM »
I talk to my local plastic supply company who was able to fix a "large" crack in my 1998 Coleman grandview. Basically they used a plastic adhesive along with a white plastic piece to connect pieces together that melted the plastic back together. It will appear whiter then the rest of the fix.

It cost me about 60 dollars but the whiteness has started to "fade" over the summer.

Good Luck,


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IF it is ABS,Fiberglass kits will not work/stick. I used a Kayak repair kit to do my Starcraft cap.