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Author Topic: "It's comin' up a cloud'' Remember When.....  (Read 1060 times)


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"It's comin' up a cloud'' Remember When.....
« on: July 10, 2012, 07:08:42 AM »
ITS COMIN UP A CLOUD ....... remember when....

When I was a small boy it seemed like it would rain a lot in the summer time.  Back then you played outside, that was the rule and not the exception.  We would have summer thunder storms back then.   We could be outside playing and mother would look out the kitchen window and predict the weather by the cloud formations and the wind direction.   Amazingly, she was usually right.  She could look at the sky and tell when one of those summer storms was on the way and she would yell out the back door for me to get myself in the house right away before I got ''lightnin'' struck'' or washed away in a torrent of muddy water running down the drive way. 
I hated the summer storms because there were ''rules'' we lived by while we sat in the living room during the storm.
First rule.......   All lights would turned out and anything electrical would be un plugged too prevent the lightning from striking the house.  This included the refrigerator, all electric clocks, the radio (we didn't have a TV back then)
The second rule.   Do not get near the dog during electrical storms because everyone knew that animals ''drew lightning''.
The third rule.    Stay away from any open door or window because ''drafts drew lightning''
The forth rule.    BE QUIET. Lightning is attracted to loud noises.
The fifth rule.     Very little talking and absolutely no singing during a lightning storm because lightning is attracted to talking and singing.
The sixth rule.     No standing in front of a closed window because lightning could strike the ground outside and it would break the window and get glass in your eyes.
The seventh rule.   No cooking or eating of anything during a storm.  Chimneys attracted lightning and the stove was made out of cast iron also and the metal spoon could draw lightning into the house..

During the storm mom would watch the sky and give whispered reports as to the progress of the storm and predictions as to its duration and effect.  She would say that ''this storm is going in a circle and it will go by us and then come around from the west and hit twice as bad the second time''
If the storm passed I had to stay inside and wait for it to come around again with all the prior rules strictly enforced for our safety.

The ''all clear'' would eventually be declared by my Mom and I would be instructed ''not to play in the mud puddles'' because that was dirty drain water and I could catch ''double pnewmonie fever'' and get bad sick.
Upon release from the house I would go play in the mud puddles like the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.
The good part about the summer storms back then was that the Earth smelled fresh and new after a storm.  The leaves and the grass was greener and earth smelled fresh like clean laundry off the clothes line.  God had washed the dust of everything and it was like the earth was un used again. 

Such are the memories of an old man that use too be a small boy after the second world war back in 1947 or 48.......

In that war the vets fought for the freedom we have now.  Thousands died for our freedoms.  Lets not forget that .....EVER....    cj..
Second generation U.S. Navy
Seajay the sailor man
God bless our troops and bring them home safe
God bless our veterans.... All gave some.. Some gave all that we might be free.....

Clay L

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Re: "It's comin' up a cloud'' Remember When.....
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2012, 11:32:00 AM »
That does bring back some memories.
I grew up in west Texas so we had tornadoes to contend with and a storm cellar that we had to stay in until storms deemed dangerous passed over. Often we spent an entire night down there with a coal oil lamp for light and quilts to make down for a pallet to sleep on.

We are in western CO right now where tornadoes are very rare. We had a pretty good storm the other day and our next door site neighbors from TX were out looking at the sky. We got a kick out of that remembering when we used to do the same thing.
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Mike (ex-f-221)

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Re: "It's comin' up a cloud'' Remember When.....
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2012, 03:51:37 PM »
...and anything electrical would be un plugged too prevent the lightning from striking the house.  This included the refrigerator, all electric clocks, the radio...

Still a good advice after all that years. Not to avoid lightnings but to avoid damage.
Mike Muellner
Bremerhaven, Germany