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Author Topic: CHAPTER EIGHT. ''SONNY''....  (Read 717 times)


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« on: September 03, 2012, 10:37:06 PM »
CHAPTER EIGHT.......  the run a way .
''I don't know if you have ever had a sore fanny from riding a horse but it is definitely not fun.  That night I slept on my tummy......... ''

Me and Jim fell out late the next morning to find a note on the kitchen table from Art.
''Boys,  I have gone on down the mountain to get Letra and little Scottie.  I should be back sometime this afternoon with them and some fresh food.  I wrangled up a couple good horses for your guys, they are in the corral.  I want James to ride the one with the bridal in his mouth.  His name is Sonny and he is a really good cow horse.  I want Seajay to ride the other one.  Her name is Harriet and she and Seajay should get along really good.   Bring the bulls on down and take the day off  and rest your little fannies.   See you this evening .......Art''.

We had breakfast and went to the corral and saddled up to go get the bulls.  Jim's horse, Sonny, was a beautiful animal and my horse, Harriet, looked like she was one week away from the glue factory.  No matter, she had a smooth easy gate and was never in any hurry it seemed.   We headed out West toward our bulls.   We rode along and talked just taking in the beauty of Taylor Park.  Jim suggested that after our ''chores were done'' we could take the rifles out for some target shooting or maybe just a good ramble South up in the high country to look for some Elk in velvet maybe. 
We got to noticing that my horse was as clumsy as a ''drunk sailor''.   She would trip over the smallest stone in the rode and it seemed she was always tripping with one foot or the other.  Jim renamed her ''Stumbles''....... Finally Jim suggested that I should have had enough experience that I could ride a ''real cow pony'' and he suggested we swap horses.  I said ok and we switched horses and rode along up the road heading West.  Sonny was a real cow horse.  He did not walk, he ''pranced'' along.   Jim warned me to keep a tight rane on him because he could be ''friskier''.   We rode and talked and Jim got the idea that it would be fun to play a little ''trick'' on me.  He fell back a little and took his ranes and gave Sonny a good whack on the rump with his ranes and a loud ''EEEEEEEE..YAAAHHHH''.  Sonny took off like a bullet with me hanging on for dear life.  This horse could fly.  I was hanging on to the saddle horn and my body was flapping in the seventy m.p.h. Breeze.  I finally seen a cattle guard across the road ahead of me about a thousand feet out.  I had the good sense to know that if I hit that cattle guard that the horse would break a leg and I would go flying.  I got the rains and turned Sonny off the road and out across the pasture.  All the while Jim was screaming ''GET THE HECK OFF HIM,,,,,,, BALE OFF NOW,,,,,''   (good idea Jim)
Now for those of you that might not know this, when you shift your weight on your left foot while riding a cow pony, that is a sign to him to STOP because you have just roped a calf and he is suppose to stop and tighten up the rope for you.  With that gesture, Sonny put all four feet down and stopped on a dime.  The only problem was that when I shifted my weight to my left foot and Sonny came to an immediate stop.......... I DID NOT...... I catapulted kinda over his head doing a kind of a forward, sideways,  flip and me and Sonny went kinda ''eye to eye'' as I passed by his head doing a half twist with a full gainer in the semi seated position with me screaming like a banshee all the way to the ground.  I hit pretty much on my butt, avoiding rocks and a large creosote bush.  Strange, when I stopped I still had on my hat on and the ranes in my right hand.  Sonny was looking at me sitting on the ground wondering what the hay I was doing.  Jim rode up and asked if I was ok and then he got down on the ground and rolled around laughing at me.  We had a good laugh out of it when I found out that I was not ''killed''......  We switched horses again and went and got the bulls.  We drove them down to the herd and took the rest of the day off.  We still laugh about that and he could not wait to tell Art about my adventure with a real cow pony....

the adventure continues ...''Are you a real cowboy mister'' she asked thru the closed window of her car?''...............
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