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Author Topic: CHAPTER NINE...i think.... the adventure continues .....cj  (Read 1073 times)


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CHAPTER NINE...i think.... the adventure continues .....cj
« on: September 23, 2012, 07:25:47 AM »
CHAPTER NINE …..(i think?)

Art got back that evening with Letra and little Scottie and Jim hastened to tell them of our ''experience'' with the wild horse ride that I suffered thru.  Art immediately ask as to the ''safety of my new hat'' and whether it had been damaged in the episode.   We all had a good laugh at my expense but that was OK
Letra had brought up some fresh veggies and a couple of very large ''coolers'' to keep the milk for Scottie.   She immediately assumed the task of ''chief cook and bottle washer'' and our food increased in variety and taste by about a thousand percent.   She would get up and cook breakfast for us with eggs, bacon, home made biscuits and wonderful coffee that would not ''float a spoon''.   Art called the ''coffee'' …...Baby Pee but he drank it anyway.
The next morning we wrangled up our ''mounts for the day'' and gathered up the cows and the two bulls and started pushing them down toward Sherman s Store.  Art was up next to the road, I was riding drag and Jim was on our far right watching to be sure not of the cows ''cut back'' as we rode along.  We probably had close to a hundred head of cows but they moved easily as they seemed to know where they were going for the day.
A lot of tourist came up to Taylor Park in the summer time.  They would stay at a ''dude ranch'' over on the far south side of the valley.  Some would bring tents and simply camp in the ''draws'' between the mountains.  It was not unusual to see a nice Cadillac parked on a log road and a big tent in the edge of the Aspen trees and a guy fly fishing in one of the many streams.  Back then the ''camera to have'' was a Brownie movie camera and we got our pictures taken many times by these ''tourists''. 
We were ambling along beside the road when a large Cadillac eased over and a lady leaned out of the car with her ''Brownie'' and started shooting film.  As Art approached she put down the camera and started asking questions....
''Excuse me sir............Are you a real cowboy?''
''Yes mam,,   I recon I am a ''real cow boy''
''Well Mr. Cowboy,,,,, I have a question or two for you and your helpers please...”
''How many cows do you have in that group that you men are in charge of please?''
''OOOOH, about a hundred I suppose'' replied Art.
''Well, me and Martha were discussing this and we are curious as to how long it takes you men to milk those cows every night?''  ''It seams to us that it would be a big job getting all of them milked with just the three of you''...................
''Well mam,,,,,,,,,,, It is a big ''chore'' but me and the guys can get it done in an hour or two''..........
They said ''thank you'', rolled up the window and preceded down the dirt road for more adventure.   …......
We all got a good laugh out of this …....
We got the cows down to Sherman s Store on to new grass.  We went into the store for soft drinks and sat and enjoyed the sandwiches that Letra had made for us for our lunch.  We sat and talked and tasted the fresh mountain air.  As we sat there watching the herd the two bulls kinda ''found each other'' and decided they did not like each other much.  With this they decided to have a ''pushing contest''. 
These bulls probably weighed maybe a thousand pounds each and contrary to what you have been told, they did not ''charge at each other''.   They simply lowered their massive heads, locked horns and started  pushing.   It was like watching two D-9 Caterpillar bull doze’s pushing each other around.  We hopped on the horses and Art lead the way down to the two ''raging bulls''.  He got within 20 feet, hopped off his horse and produced a bull whip out of his saddle bag.  He walked to within 10 feet of the bulls and cracked the whip just over the heads of the pushing bulls.  Let me tell you this,  HE NEVER HIT THE ANIMALS WITH THE WHIP. He would simply ''crack the whip'' over their heads to try to distract them from each other.   When he cracked the whip it sounded like a 30-30 rifle firing.  I watched in dis be-leaf as he was so close to these animals that could stomp him to death easily and his only defense was a bull whip.   I asked Jim if his dad was a little bit ''nutty'' for doing this and he laughed and said NO.  Jim said that the bulls were interested in each other and not his dad.  I asked Jim why Art did not just ride his horse up to the bulls, and crack the whip from the back of the horse for safety.  Jim just smiled and told me that ''that horse'' was REX and his dad had raised him from a colt and he would never put that horse in danger in any way.
Hummmmmmmm?   Art did not want to put ''REX'' in harms way for fear he might get hurt but he put himself in a situation where he could get trampled to death......................(cowmen are a special breed)  The bulls finally separated and stopped pushing.....
We took one of the bulls and drove him around the herd to the other side with the hope that they would stay separated....

''We will be heading up toward Union Cow Camp come tomorrow guys''.......
The adventure continued …...............
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God bless our veterans.... All gave some.. Some gave all that we might be free.....

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Re: CHAPTER NINE...i think.... the adventure continues .....cj
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 11:40:58 AM »
Now you know why a bulldozer is called a bulldozer... Just in case you ever wondered. (Your comment about 2 C-9's)
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