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Author Topic: Parking lot Sleeping vs.Campgrounds  (Read 22497 times)

Jeff Brown

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Re: Parking lot Sleeping vs.Campgrounds
« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2012, 09:40:02 AM »
I understand that the costs of running an RV park are high and the returns can be quite small.  But 50-80 dollars per night for litterally 400 Sq Ft of gravel and zero services drives me nuts.  I just need somplace flat to climb into my own bed for 6-8 hours before finishing my trip. 

I'm still a full time worker, and in this economy my time is less valuble and more prectious at the same time.  I make less money than I did 5 years ago and I have 1/4th the vacation time.  So my goal is to reach the destination so that the scheduled activities can begin.  The places we enjoy vacationing in are more than a thousand miles from our home.  They year was A LOT of driving!

My standard method, flawed as it might be, is to drive my butt off to the farthest location on the itenerary, then slowly work my way home stopping for a couple of nights at parks along the route home.  I ussually leave on Friday night and I have what I call "Jumping off" points in both directions that are only a few hours from home.  It makes it easier on Saturday morning to get moving becuse we are already moving!  We go to Independance to the north or Laughlin to the east.  (Where I live you dont go on a long trip west or south!  In two hours time you would either be in the ocean, Mexico or both!) 

In Laughlin we pay 5 bucks to park in the Tropicana parking lot, because it is easier to move around and A LOT quieter than the Riverside or Aquarious lots.  As for Independance about 10 miles north of town there is just about the prettiest rest area I've ever seen.  Seriously it has hiking trails and lovely creek running through it.  We sleep there, or the one just north of Mammoth lakes if we are running really really early!  (Hasn't actually happened yet but that is the backup plan.)

The next stays are dependant on our final desination but going east we ussually arrive on day 2, while going north generally requires a second night somewhere.  The free to cheap jumping off point works well for us, I thought I would share.

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