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Author Topic: Maiden voyage in our 1980 Starcraft Starlette.  (Read 971 times)


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Maiden voyage in our 1980 Starcraft Starlette.
« on: April 29, 2013, 12:40:56 PM »
This past weekend we rushed home from work, rushed to pack, and then rushed out the door to get up to the Mountain Vista Campground in Stroudsburg PA. Of  course when pre-festivities rushing takes place, things are forgotten. This was our first camping experience in our "new" TT.(Its a 1980 Starcraft Starlette TT. This 17 foot TT has been pretty much completely restored). We made some very rookie mistakes. Apparently the wife and I have trouble closing doors all the way and they come swinging open as we drive. This happened twice in only one hour of travel time. We forgot our skillet, no harm no foul. However,  in all the rushing I neglected to bring my tools, a cardinal sin. This would have come back to haunt us had we not been with two other families that were also making their first voyages in their new TTs. They brought an abundance of tools as they are not rookies and are prepared for everything.  Upon arriving a 9 p.m. we got everything all set up at the site in the dark and we were nearly up and running. I go to plug into the 30 amp post and the breaker at the post immediately trips. We tried a couple different extensions and posts to no avail. We decided to wait til the morning to mess with it. Long story story short, we trouble shot for four hours and finally found the root cause. The ground had come loose in the lamp over the dinette table. Figures it was something as small as that. That was the last of our issues other than a few minor to-dos (leaky kitchen faucet and a window crank). All in all it was a successful trip with beautiful weather and several lesson are in my memory bank. Number one....Don't rush