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Author Topic: Florida to Alaska.  (Read 1332 times)


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Florida to Alaska.
« on: June 23, 2013, 12:03:05 AM »
The trip is over but well worth it.
Wish I found this site to keep records of the progress on here.
The trip started in Kissimmee, FL.  We purchased a 2005 Gulf Stream Endura diesel and a tow vehicle while on vacation in Orlando.  The purchase was not planned but I have been looking for a year now. Right style and right price.
I had about three weeks till I had to be back to work so we figured that would be enough time to get back home to Alaska.
We punched the RV from a third party and found out about the 6% sales tax. Ouch.  Not willing to pay the Florida taxes we sent the papers and a notarized letter to a family member to get plates, registration, and passports for Canada. They were sent out next day air.  We made the pickup cutoff at FedEx by 15 minutes and the papers arrived in AK the next day. All the paper work was complete that day and payed extra to get back the next day. Well FedEx F'ed up. They sent then to Seattle and then back to Ak. Go figure. So we did not get them until 3 days later. The sellers were very nice and let us stay in their drive way for that time in the RV. 
Well finally off my wife used Waze to route our way. It is a good App to use. Do to the storms in the upper states we stayed low and hit GA, AL, L, TX, NM, UT, ID, OR, and WA. We averaged about 500 miles a day which took me down to approx 1/2 a tank fuel a day. On the flats we averaged 9.5 mpg and in the passes it dropped to 8.5 mpg.
We were able to stop at some places and enjoy the sights.
The ice caves in New Mexico. Never heard of it but we were given the brochure at one of the RV parks and decided to check it out. We hiked to the top of the volcano and walked down to the ice cave. Very hot (93 deg) and when you step down the wooden stair case into the cave you can feel the temp change dramatically. It stays about 30-32 deg through out the year. The sun never shines into the cave.
We then ended up at Lake Powell that night. It's been a few years since I've been to the Dam and they were building the new bridge so it was a bit nerve racking crossing the area in the dark (very little light) in a new RV and tow car and on a road system not very familiar with. Well the next day took the boat tour on the lake. Great tour and we need to go back when there is more time.
The Grand Canyon was next. Never seeing it before I can say it is certainly worth looking at and even hiking through out. We did not go to the glass over hang since more people gave it a very low rating and the cost to view it is ridiculous.
To follow the Grand Canyon we went to Zion. I feel Zion is a must see. The roc formation and colors are fantastic.
We finally made it to WA and after going over the pass the wind was gusting to 50 mph in Ellensburgh (sorry if I mis-spelled it) and it ripped off the side awning while driving.  A couple of cars were behind us and saw it all but did not get hit. It put a small hole just above the driver seat and took out the shower sky light and one of the slide out awnings. We were just a couple of miles from an RV dealer who temp fixed the hole and the sky light. We are getting the rest finished when I get back from work. Oh and the KOA in the town was one of the best we've seen. Right next to the Yakima River.
Driving into Canada was no big issue since I have done the trip about 7 years ago but in January. I feel the roads were better then. The road after Whitehorse do not get the same respect. It seems Canada does not care to pay to fix them since they don't really have any need for it and Alaska won't fix them because they don't own it. But the views are beautiful. Lots of wild life (brown bear, black bear, moose, buffalo, sheep, and swans.
When we finally reached Alaska the temp was turned up. We have had a late break up and the day we left for Florida (May 19th) it snowed 4". Everything was very green and the rivers were almost overflowing.
Well sorry for the long page but I could not do this day by day. A total of 6021 miles in 13 days. I drove them all but my wife and son also helped out a great bit with cooking, navigating and keeping me awake.

Henry Wishard

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Re: Florida to Alaska.
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2013, 01:18:12 PM »
   Thanks for the info on the KOA in Washington State. We might try it on the way back in late August. Lots of people don't know about this site and every chance I get I tell them about it. I couldn't have made this trip without the help I have received reading the posts others have experienced.
   We are in Eagle River camp grounds for the past 4 days and moving to the Golden Nugget RV park in Anchorage to do some washing and cleaning for a couple of day. From there to Seward. You sure did good on the fuel mileage averages. I am getting around 7.5 MPG on a 40' Tiffin.
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