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Author Topic: Shopping for RV...Great options but where is the gas oven? Cooking alternatives?  (Read 17427 times)


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Ardra, I actually do at least half the cooking in our 6 month MH journeys each year. I find that cooking for only two people is not all that difficult with only a micro/convection oven. I guess maybe we don't have quite as fancy meals as some do. Generally if we're having a casserole it would be a single dish meal or maybe we'd cook some vegetable which can easily be done on the stove top.

Yes I do understand that when I cook a roast in the "only" oven, I can't bake the biscuits at the same time. I have to let the roast sit for 12 minutes while the biscuits cook. But then people got by for literally thousands of years without two ovens, much less a microwave to cook it faster.

How did Mom ever cook for us three boys and Dad with only one oven? Wish I could ask her......  :-[



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Last night I prepared a three-ingredient dinner.  One item in a pouch was on the stovetop thawing and warming.  One item was in the microwave cooking.  And one item was baking in the oven.  All to be served hot at the same time!  Alhough at home, I've done it the same way in the motorhome and used all three cooking methods simultaneously.  It certainly wasn't fancy, but we all cook differently and some us need and use our propane ovens.  I've tried some of our meals in just the microwave/convection oven and something is never hot.  Shall we agree to disagree?!?

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I am new to cooking and I am very content using my outdoor bbq grill for the main dish. It is a huge plus for me to be able to cook outdoors and not stink up the interior of the RV. But so far no one has mentioned my very favorite cooking method. When i want a pizza I pickup the phone and have one delivered. It amazes me that it is possible to get a piping hot pizza delivered to my door in the middle of a National

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I have used a small gas grill by Holland Grill called "The Companion". It is very portable and works with the small camp LP bottle but can be adapted to work with a larger tank. It looks like a grill, but works like an oven for baking or smoking. They are very well made and versitile. The only drawback is that it should be used outdoors only. I cook most of our meals on ours when we rv.

Steve N Dee

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I think the whole point of the matter is this.  To some, the 3 extra drawers you can set by not having a gas oven is paramount.  To others, like me and Ardra, the gas oven is far more important than anything I could need 3 extra drawers for.  Again, just a difference of taste in floorplans and amenities.  Nobody is right or wrong, just different.  :)

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I'm good with that Ardra. Life would be boring if we all liked exactly the same things.