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Author Topic: The wonders of a luthier  (Read 1124 times)


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The wonders of a luthier
« on: August 15, 2013, 06:49:07 PM »
I continue to practice playing my newly-acquired banjo, although I noticed the action was high/hard. This was confirmed when I recently played a friend's banjo with a lower/softer action. A little research on the manufacturer's web site turned up an article (written by their CEO) on adjusting the action. However, my banjo was already at the low end of the suggested adjustment range.

By chance, I'd previously picked up a business card for Jordan Music Services, a luthier in Concord, CA. Today I had an appointment in Concord, and decided to take the banjo along and visit the luthier on the way. Expecting a store front, I pulled up outside this old house in an old district, and thought I was in the wrong place. Called him on the phone, and found out he works from home. I wanted to snap shots of all the instruments, parts, and tools in his garage/shop, but felt awkward about doing that.

After first checking a few things, he popped off the resonator and proceeded to make a small adjustment to one of the coordinator rods. He was talking me through the process and, when everything else was done, he tweaked the position of the bridge to adjust what he called the "intonation", and what I thought was called "tracking".

What a difference to the playing of the instrument!

I asked for the bill and almost collapsed when he said $15!
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